Ballet of a Glow Worm

    The heavy dense particles of air communicated to me of a presence of an exotic land as my lungs were filled with opaque oxygen. I was on a distant land where the scent of my surroundings struck me as a dank rock wall while the daylight disappeared through the curtain. The shadow dissolved... Continue Reading →


360⁰ Spin

I’m not certain of the trigger, but it caused me to take those measures that most of you find unusual. The blackout, that aggressive whirl and "me" yet again up against the mammoth created by this brain I live in. Do you know that 50% of our day is roughly spent on thinking about something... Continue Reading →


  Never have I witnessed something so white yet so haunting and possessing at the same moment. Is there any music genre that would depict the three-dimensional story of a feeling.  Like a folk story being narrated by the moon and the stars listening to it while the sky plays the piano. A Chopin’s B-flat minor Sonata, and fireflies... Continue Reading →

Love, Power and Pain

  Is it a ghost belonging to the fog? Or a multiverse conundrum? An equation with positive and negative integers? What is it? Do I ask so many questions? Or I'm just curious as life is precarious. Why is that you are so unable to solve this multitude, magmatic and damn intrusive problem with only... Continue Reading →

Ego of Sun, Love of Moon

Part of the times I waver like a flickering light on a monsoon evening Hearing the silent breeze whilst a hum begins to penetrate embers of my soul. Here I stand on the balcony sipping a hazelnut caramel coffee, In concordance to my inner being, the saint and the sinner me, Bridged between the extremes,... Continue Reading →

Subject is subjugated…

Somewhere I read: " A head full of stars and a handful of questions." Pretty pensive huh? We do things like it's the only stuff meant to do, like errands, like chores, like lazy lousy jobs, why we still do it? What is the purpose anyway? Pain, love, joy accompany life till the last breath we take... Continue Reading →

Depth over Distance

How do you measure? The shale of emotions lying on the corners of your heart. Tell me how do you measure the wrath of Minotaur in you? In this god damn forsaken world, tell me how do you measure the drop of the vessel ? The vehemence eroding from the skin beneath your skin. How many layers do... Continue Reading →

Time Lapse

When today seems like a million years ago, Like time stopped just for you, Like you didn't move even an inch, Like seasons passed but autumn never left your heart, Unlike the kid who learned to walk your knees jammed, Unlike the girl who learned to speak aloud your lips never parted, Unlike the wind who... Continue Reading →

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